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Nvidia 3D Mark Benchmark

Ah-ha! Nvidia was caught with their pants down this time! I always felt the scores posted by Nvidia high-end cards were kind of high. I guess they are starting to feel the competition of the ATI Radeon 8500 128 BGA cards! I always wondered why Nvidia has driver updates every weeks...? Anyway, the "bug" (good one) found in their drivers once removed, will again, level out the playing field in the battle for the ultimate video card.:D :D :D :p ;)
See thread on "New ATI Drivers." No hanky-panky at ATI, just pure performance upgraded drivers. No need to rig the benchmarks like it's leading competitor. Anyway, glass houses? Mines made out of kiln-fired imported red brick from Italy).:D
I supose ATI are actually getting pretty good with this new card they are bringing out soon.. i wouldnt mind getting it if i had the money for it.

Catch23... do you actually think possitivly about anything? All you seem to do is Diss and moan


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I had to take my 8500 back. It had a ceiling of 95 FPS in UT. (1024x768 32bit)

My TI4400 (which I got yesterday) is humming along at 125+ FPS.

Benchmarks don't mean squat to me.

It's just like mama alway told me "THe proof is in the puddling"
Just a thought.In Computer Gaming World's July issue,they compare 6 gaming rigs.They asked Dell,Voodoo,Falcon Northwest,Alienware,Vicious PC,and ABS Computers to send them their fastest gaming rigs.All 6 manufacturers sent rigs with 128mb Geforce 4 Ti 4600s.Not an ATI amongst them.


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