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ntune voltage reporting.


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I just installed an Enermax Galaxy 1000 ps. I have a Silverstone TJ09BW case, FX60 processor, scythe ninja for cpu heat sink, 2 8800gtx video cards, 4 Gigs Mushkin Redline ram, Soundblaster Audigy2 Zs Platinum, 4 WD Raptor 150's, on an Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe mobo.

Looking at ntune ... the voltages for the CPU, Memory, HT(CPU-SPP), HT (SPP-MCP), PCI-e, nForce, and aux are not reporting. Any reason why?

I'm guessing there is a driver somewhere ...or a setting I'm missing.

I realize the ps and teh video cards are arguably the best of the best presently, but it seems nvidia's software is always flawed in some way. I really don't understand why the voltage doesnt report. It does with the Asus NOS utility ..but oddly ..the pci-e voltage does not on that either.
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Voltage reporting requires the program to know which sensors and adresses are used by a particular MB. There are now dozens of sensors, scale factors and configurations out there so it's pretty much impossbile for a program to keep up with them all.

Sandra, MBM, nTune have all become useless for reporting voltage and even fan speed in some cases due to the lack of standardization. The only option is use the bios, which unfortunatley doesn't give you voltage under load.

PS Nice rig, the jealousy monster is rearing it's head...
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well ty. I actually found another thread talking about Sandra ..and that does show all the voltages ..so thats good.

I don't post my computer specs in hopes that someone might be envious ... i think its important so a clear picture is made when asking for help with a problem.

Honestly, I've always skimmed on cases. Until i purchased this particular one I had no idea how big of a difference a good case makes.

I was debating on purchasing the stacker ..but found this one to be much better construction and visually appealing to me... not to mention the exclusive use of 120mm 21db fans. Hell ..its even set up for watercooling if thats the direction one would want to go.

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