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'ntoskrnl.exe' is missing in my Win2k...Pls help


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2 days ago, I replaced my new rams inside my pc and did some tweaking on my cpu & ram.(basically oc) Did a couple of cold boot due to freeze.(trial & error, try to sync both fbs) After that, it just suddenly popped an error message " <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe". The windows won't boot! :confused:

I just don understand why I change the setting of the hardwares and they affect the os win2k. :mad: Does anyone encounter this problem?


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Hi cpugeniusmv,

The hardware has set back to previously setting. But the problem is the os now. I got the ntoskrnl.exe corrupted therefore I can't boot, not unless I replace the file. Any idea? :confused:
File missing

Hi cpugeniusmv,is it possibleto use the above command in winxp pro,or something similiar,as ive had this prob before and i had to resort to a format.Thanks
Critical system files are damaged or missing: -

You can restore Ntldr, Ntoskrnl.exe, Ntdetect.com, and driver files from the Recovery Console. If the file exists on the Windows CD, use the Copy command and enter the source and destination; Windows expands compressed files automatically. If the file is stored within a .cab file, such as Driver.cab, use the Expand command.

From XP Inside Out.

:) :)


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Hi all, I managed to replace the corrupted "ntoskrnl.exe" and happy to see the windows booted. But not until it reach the log-in page, it rebooted. :confused:

I tried a few times before I went to bed; before the windows loaded to the log-in page and it just rebooted. There are no error message and I managed to take a look of the boot.ini, nothing change. Did I missing anything? :confused: Format is the last thing on earth I do. :mad: Please advise.


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Hi cpugeniusmv,

I couldn't access to "safe mode" also; I could enter the "safe mode" page but the moment I hit whichever "safe mode" feature, my pc freeze. Resort it from cold boot. :mad: Any idea?


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Hi desie,

I'll try on "boot from last known good configuration" at my win2k but not sure it will. Hopefully the replaced "ntokrnel.exe" won affect it.

The "ntokrnel.exe" is retrieved from my win2k inatallation disk. Question: the corrupted "ntoskrnl.exe" is from win2k w/spk 4. Is there any difference between them? :confused:

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