ntfs vs fat32

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by yamaha-98, Dec 14, 2002.

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    I am using xp pro and have used fat32 since it was installed .Having read various articles on the pros and cons of swapping over to ntfs, i was wondering if anyone could post their comments on which system they use and if anyone regrets swapping over to ntfs. Once you change over there is no going back (unless you do a clean install) so any comments would be appreciated. I have a 40gb drive split into 2x 20gb partitions.

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    I use NTFS, no regrets. Been using NTFS for years now.
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    if your machine is running fine on fat32, there is really no reason to switch over to ntfs, wait for the next reformat nad reinstall

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    I used NTFS for about 6 x months :D thought it was brilliant

    out of curiosity I tried FAT32 for a while.
    FAT is quicker do doubts
    All the horror stories you hear about FAT fragments files more & is not as stable as ntfs is rubbish its not true !!!

    its the OS and its environment that cause instability
    ntfs just has a better chance of survival from a system crash

    Unless your needs have outgrown FAT ie: -
    large file support
    large drive support

    then you really don't need it

    I have managed to find one use for ntfs - I;ve created a partition purely for Temporary Internet Files & ntfs handles these files really well

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    Thanks for the help everyone.
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    The only reason I am still using FAT 32 is because I have a dual noot with Slackware Linux. Otherwise I would just stick with NTFS because it is more secure and more stable.