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ntfs to fat32



does anyone know how to convert a ntfs hdd to fat32. when i right click on the drive and select format the only selection is ntfs !!!


Then what am i meant to do!! i must be able to format completely then set it up for fat32 ???

Does anyone have any ideas ??
Format it as FAT32.....

i remember a few months ago i tried looking up for some info on how to convert back to NTFS, but i had no luck, so all i can suggest to you is format it back to FAT32, ohhh... and make sure your HD's largest partition is no greater than 30 gigs if you want to format it as FAT32, FAT32 can't handle HD's greater than 30gigs or else you'll have to use NTFS...... hope this helps.....


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If I remember rightly im sure partition magic can convert from ntfs to fat32 without having to format first.. Ive tried ntfs but it seems alot slower to me so im sticking to fat32 despite the ntfs advantages.


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This is directly from the MicroSquish web site:

You can convert your file system any time, even after you install Windows XP, without losing any of your data.

The conversion to NTFS is one–way only; if you convert your FAT or FAT32 file system to NTFS you can’t convert your hard disk back to FAT later.


PartitionMagic 6.0 and PartitionMagic 7.0 will convert NTFS to FAT and FAT32.




Yes, you'll need a third party utility such as Partition Magic 7.0 (6.0 isn't for XP) to convert from NTFS to FAT.


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If its the boot drive
You can select the FAT system during setup (format options)
If its a partition
Start / Run " diskmgmt.msc "
Right click on the volume & format
Use the drop down menu to choose filing system & cluster size


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Re: Format it as FAT32.....

Originally posted by razor_ro
... and make sure your HD's largest partition is no greater than 30 gigs if you want to format it as FAT32, FAT32 can't handle HD's greater than 30gigs or else you'll have to use NTFS
just fyi, i have two 40gb harddrives which are both fat32. just partition and format in dos.


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FAT32 supports drives up to 2 terabytes in size
But once you get to 32gig the cluster size goes up to 32KB this means a lot of wasted disk space and a performance hit.
FAT32 260MB-8GB = 4KB clusters
FAT32 8GB-16GB = 8KB
FAT32 16GB-32GB = 16KB
FAT32 32GB+ = 32KB+



The 32gb limitation of fat partitions is from within XP. If you have a Win98 boot disk and format from there you can indeed format to larger than 32 gb. Also, you can format in ntfs and then use PM 7.0 to convert back to fat. But if you just have XP on your system and try to format a partition to larger than 32 gb, it will be limited at 32 gb.


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Glad to help
if you want to add partitions & reduce cluster size
Partition Magic 7.0 is really easy to use
Then XPs diskmgmt.msc for some final tweaking
Converting from NTFS to FAT/FAT32 may cause loss of file system-specific information as referenced from Partition Magic 7.0 User's Guide.

Examples of file loss:

* There is more than one data stream for any file
* Any links
* Any extended attributes
* Any user-defined attributes in any file
* Device entries
* Sparse files located within the volume.

Any sparse files, except for the bad sector file, will stop the conversion.

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