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ntfs.org visual style?

as you can see i've been a member for a long time but never really posted until recenty. but anyways, i was just wondering if anyone has ever made a visual style to match one of the themes of ntfs.org. and if not if anyone would like to make it a group project which would be cool as long as those of you who run the site say it's ok.
Originally posted by SPeedY_B
Feel free to improve on it :p
yeah maybe somtime if i get permission from the original author unless he said already it was ok for people to. but i'm going away on a business trip tomorrow till next wednesday so i won't be able to do anything till after then.


I may actually be insane.
I don't think that the creator of the skin comes around here any more.
As for the actual design itself though, I seem to re-call the original author of the forum theme not wanting it to be officialy released as a Windows Visual Style.

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