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Now Nero 6 has problems!!


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This is annoying the hell out of me. I posted in someone else's thread about the audio skips in Nero 7. I said I was going back to 6 ASAP. So I uninstall 7, pop my 6 disk in and install. Now whenever I run Nero 6 I get an error saying "Fatal Error: Installation Corrupted - Please reinstall NERO". I've reinstalled it twice but I keep getting the error. The really odd thing is this ... after I close 10 or so error windows Nero works. The burns turn out fine, it records fast with no audio skips. I'm guessing Nero 7 left some junk on my system and its causing 6 to be funky but I can't find what 7 left behind, I've run ccleaner and regcleaner but no luck. Does anyone have a solution to this?


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When you uninstalled 7 did you completely uninstall it ?? When I say completely I mean the common file folders, the temp files, the program file folder, the application data folder, the temp files etc ? In regcleaner did you do a reg search or just run the cleaner. You could search for system nero files as well doing the regular search threw windows explorer. Usually I use regseeker for that stuff.

Also, what version of six is it. Did you download it? It could also be a corrupt download. But before you install it you want to make sure 7 is completely out.
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Stranger Than Fiction
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Thanks Johnny. I tried regseeker and got some more stuff removed, rebooted and reinstalled and it seems to be working. Let this be an example for all ... NEVER INSTALL NERO 7

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