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notebook wireless and desktop hard wired Networking.


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hi. i have a wireless notebook and a wired desktop. both of the units has xp pro. how do i connect them together for networking where i unit can open edit editable files on the other pc and both can see each name in the network neighborhood? after right clicking the 'network connection', files shows up like the tcp/ip setting, what should be in there? do i have to installed additional networking files so that it'll work? like Netbui or the like and other files? :confused:


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here's what i did.
i had shared a common 'group name like MSHOME' and shared a drive or a folder from each unit. went to TCP/IP setting and looked for the 'Microsoft Client' and installed the extra component 'Client'. after that when you reboot both units you will notice a difference in logging off because there'll be small window that would come out. after booting it up you will prompt with a login window. you should remember you Username and psw if you have a psw but it none then just type your username like "Peter" then hit enter. then after loggin in, check you network neigbhorhood and expand the + sign and you should see all 'community groups' that is connected the your network. hope this helps somebody. :)

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