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Notebook Toshiba HD Failure


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Hi. I have a Dell Latitude D610 and recenty my notebook started to crash and the error was lzx32.sys every after re-start. I had pulled out the drive and connected it as an external usb drive. On my PC it was not found and had an error, first it was detected as a Mass Storage then Window error that it wont work.
So I had tried to connect it to my Sony notebook and it was detected for a while. I was going to backup my files when it had a window error while accessing the files and the window explorer window where it was viewed closed. Attached file is the window error from the task bar. What could be wrong? Thanks.



OSNN Senior Addict
What I did was to backup all my files and reformat the hd. And as of right now the hd in the notebook is working fine. Great.

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