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Notebook/laptop deals!


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Hi...I bought a $1600 laptop from dell less than a year ago and earlier this month 2 guys broke into my home (while I was home...they didn't know anyone was home) and stole my laptop..they would have taken more, but I startled them and they ran out. I am very blessed that I wasn't hurt or worse (I'm a 25 yr old female and I don't think I could fight off 2 guys...one maybe), but I am still sad because I worked hard for that laptop and I can't afford to pay for another one full price less than a year later. Anyone know of any outstanding deals to look into?

Also, I will be getting lojack or something similar on the next laptop and u should too!


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I'm sorry to hear about your story Maybeline - very fortunate nothing else really happend when that event went down.

Best bet is to watch the Sunday papers, perhaps browse a few online bargain websites, or wait for Dell to have a bargain sale on some of their laptops. There are so many vendors these days there are sales rather frequently.


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Sorry to hear about the robbery :/

There should be some great deals at the end of this month from Dell because the quarter is ending.

Just do a Google for "Dell Coupons" and you'll find plenty :)


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Thanks for the info guys...as far as home or renters insurance...here's how that goes. I was visiting my mom, who just moved there in Jan. She is technically renting from her friend, so it's not really official. She doesn't have renters insurance. On the police report, I gave them my mom's name because I didn't know the arrangement wasn't official. Her friend is going to submit it, but there is a chance they won't go along with it.


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Hopefully that will work. I have been having a lot of fun with insurance in the last year. It has been "fun" to say the least.


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Use the 10 days of Dell Deals option to buy a good package.

Coupons for ridiculous amounts off :cool:


go to a best buy or something along those lines 0% financing for a year...

I'm a 25 year old guy, i dont break into houses...but you could still kick my ass...sorry about your laptop.

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