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not sure :-S




I have a folder on my desktop (previously the KaZaA shared folder) and yes, I know *cough KAZAA cough*. After I noticed all that stupid Peer2Peer networking was installed, after installing the newest version, I got rid of kazaa and ran Ad-Aware to remove all the spyware etc.

I have a problem with the 'previously kazaa shared folder'. It has a lot of stuff in it (about 13gb :( ).. Mainly music and a few odd things like random episodes of The Simpsons and a couple of movies. After I downloaded the last file, I got rid of kazaa totally, but I noticed that my shared folder suddenly started slowing down my whole PC. When I enter it and scroll down, my PC just goes to nothing and it starts lagging up badly and takes about 10 mins for even the Task Manger to appear. My PC is should be perfectly able (P42.8, 512mbDDR RAM....) but it totally lags up :eek:

I ran a virus check with Norton Anti Virus 2003 on all the recently downloaded files and then I did a full system scan, but no viruses. Every time I scroll down the folder quickly, it lags everything up. When I click on files in the folder, it takes about 20 seconds for it to highlight and over 1 minute to open them.

any ideas what could be wrong?





sorry for that waste of thread, but I sorted my problem.

I found a file which had a strange name which I don't remember downloading. That file took longer than others to select and it always made the folder freeze. When I tried to delete, it would say 'file is being used by another program'.

So, I opened up Norton and manually quarantined and deleted it :p


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