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Not again arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

I just reformated because of this problem. Well not just this problem. This problem is one of them. My MS Messenger doesn't open. I click the icon and it does nothing. It shows up in my Taskmanager for about a minute. I installed a Fresh copy of XP last night and selected MS Messenger not to load up during windows start up. So far I have installed SP1, Oupost (which it did pop up asking me to allow Messenger to have access to the internet.) Office 11 Beta1, DirectX 9.0 and Norton AV 2002. A


Try disabling msn messenger if possible and just install Trillian. Trillian can do MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, and IRC and takes up about the same amount of resources as just one of those programs. The regular version of Trillian should still be free and it has quite a few nice features in it.


You should be able to remove messenger in Add/Remove programs, Windows setup/programs and reinstall it the same way, or download the newest version to install.
so... what everyone is saying is that to get messenger to work (which i feel is what the original post is after) you should just disable messenger and use a different program???

i'm not sure i really follow the logic here...

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