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Please help, I've had Norton anti virus on my system on
both ME and XP and have had nothing but problems with screen freezes crashes etc.
since removing it I've had no issues, can someone advise me on a virus protection for both ME and xp which will work !! cos at the moment I have no virus protection !

Thank You:mad:


i have a ??

do you have dual partitions on one hard drive (C,D)?..and.. are both or either of these installs (WIN XP/Me) an upgrade? also, when you had Norton Anti Virus installed, which partition did you have it installed on? which OS did you install first, XP or Me, and which one did you originally boot from? are you or did you have any additional antivirus software installed while you had NAV on there too?

there are so many ways this can be troubleshooted before you have to out-right use another proggy.. i would never suspect Norton by itself to cause such misery on both OS's... from my experience, it sounds as if your problem is originating not from NAV at all, but from a shared system software component..and hence, all the questions...

either way..if you have given up..then disregard all my ??, if not, then lets give it a whirl..and see if we cant get you up and running with NAV... there is always an answer to a problem :)



I use Norton...It loads very slow...just wait in crtl alt del at services and wait till all the services run theres about 5. Then you can start using yoru comp. I fixed this by giving my NIC a ip. I dunno why it works but it work.s


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I think that's because auto-assigned IP looks for a server to get the IP from for 30/60 seconds or so before generating a random one (can't remember where I heard that, could be wrong). I do know for sure that manually assigning your IP shaves many seconds off your startup time ^_^

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