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Norton Unerase Protection Messes Up Your Disk



Hi there

I have a serious problem on my PC. I have two 40 GB hard disk with 4 ~20 GB partitions and two small ones on each for the swap file and temp inet files. I have (had) Norton Utilities installed which includes Norton Unerase Protection. I moved about 17 GB from one partition to another. Although the freed disk space was only about half = 8 GB more were free.

The reason is simply to be found by searching the deeps of your hard disk. Norton Unerase has a folder called x:\recycler\nprotect whicht contains several GBs of data (x reflects the different partitions). These files can't be deleted by any possibility. I tried Wipe Info, Evidence Killer and many other things even the good old dos prompt but the files couldn't be removed.

Now I am not able to move back my data to the old partition because not enough space is free.

Is there anyone of you who experienced the same problem ? If you can help me how to delete these files please reply to this post. To your information... I am using XP Pro and NTFS File System on the 20 GB partitions and FAT16 on the two small partitions on which the error doesn't occur.

Thanks for your help!
I had to uninstall Norton myself for a similar problem (couldn't format a partition that was locked by one of the utilities). First thing I'd try is reinstalling Norton and using it to remove the protected files and then turning the feature off. The folders will probably still be there, but it should get rid of the files that are taking up "several GBs of data." Try that and then see if Partition magic has enough space to function now.

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