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Norton Personal Firewall 2003(make ur internet connection slower?!)



After installed Norton Personal Firewall 2003, i noticed that
my internet connection became slower and slower. The pages were loaded so
slow(using IE 6), i just know it.

Then Unintalled it, anything is going just fine. I think NPF is the main cause.
Any idea ??? What do u think ?? :huh:

Perris Calderon

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this is known about norton firewall

don't use it

sygate free will not slow your computer down even a smidge...really nice firewall


Secret Goat Fetish
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sygate is really easy to setup + use. u cant go wrong. i did use it but my dad didn't like it cus it kept stoping him from getting on the net:p


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I've played with NPF and the whole NIS suite --they work well but at a resource cost (as you've encountered, tengcm ). Symantec fell short on this one...

Personal fav is ZoneAlarm, though I'd recommend Sygate as well for ease of use (i use both on varying machines).

hey Hey HEY...:eek: ZAP is not in the same category as Norton's clunker of a PF. Unless your copy is...err...acquired. :rolleyes:

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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za is a real bog.

skip it. sygate is the best thing you're ognna find in a software firewall at the moment.

you can also use the xp firewall, wich is fine for incoming hacks, it just doewn't prevent outgoing


. . . . . . . . .
Just look at what the industry is saying, and then you'll realise why Norton is no.1
Since when does anyone trust what the industry says? Their opinion is based on profit margins. :)

We can debate which product is better for the next 200 posts easy, but they really all perform the same basic function (albeit some better than others). In the end it's really just just a matter user preference.

However, I think we've answered tengmc's question: Norton is slowing him down. *snicker*:p


sygate gave me ├╝ber lag on Q3 and UT when I tried it... Usual ping at the time was 30-50 - Sygate ping was 80-300 - ridiculous - Reinstalled Norton - ping was 30-50 again.

i rest my case :)

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