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Norton Internet Security problem



Hi Everyone,

I have got Norton Internet Security including Norton Antivirus installed on my PC. It has been fine until just lately when i get a message appearing saying that Antivirus is "unable to read subscription data, you may not have administrator privilages". This is when i am connected to the internet and the program is looking for auto updates. It has never been a problem until recently. My account does have admin privilages, and i can update my antivirus files e.t.c. manually, but i cant understand why this message has suddenly started appearing. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?


Thanks Enyo, i've done what you said, now i'll just have to wait until live update accesses symantec automaticaly. I wonder if it could be a bug with the latest live update engine? Like i said i have only experienced these problems of late......
Originally posted by alloy25
Just wondering if you have any version of Kazaa installed on your comp??????

Arr matey! Me Norton ain't workin'. Don't know why I be not registered with Norton...ARR! YER WALKIN' THE PLANK, LIVE UPDATE!!!
I had a similar error come up on my gf's machine - its only actually related to the Norton Firewall - the Antivirus will always update fine.

Basically, when the firewall is installed, it makes a note of which user account was being used at the time - so if you were logged in as the user "Bob", then you must be logged in as "Bob" to make any changes or even update it (I think). It's mainly for home computers with several accounts for each member of the household - stops the kids messing with the firewall so they can get on pr0n etc.

If you are logged in as the same user as when you installed it, then I'd look at the symantec website for further details - I actually reinstalled my gf's machine because I couldnt be bothered hunting for a solution - was quicker for me to reinstall as she had hardly anything installed at the time :)


I have reinstalled live update and the error hasn't appeared again so fingers crossed. I have looked at my sheduled tasks, and the Symantec NetDetect task seems to be functioning properly which i believe runs from the live update service. There are no new virus updates as of yet, so im sure i will soon find out once there is.... As for have i got Kazaa installed on my desktop the answer is no, i wouldn't install that virus infested piece of cr*p on my PC, and the software was installed from a retail CD me harty's :p
nice one, I'll remember that if I come across a similar situation in the future. I no longer use it at home (my mum still does though), so its nice to know theres an easier solution :)



just to let you know it worked!!! Virus updates have installed automatically as usual. Looks like the latest live update engine doesn't like being upgraded via symantecs auto update, so if you get a similar problem again uninstall live update, then download and install it from scratch.....

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