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Norton Internet Security 2002 Guru Needed



I have just setup Norton Internet Security. It was causing my pc to disconnect from my isp (Modem Connection), every 2 hours. I emailed them and they said it was because they run a ghost kill script. Their ICMP packet requests weren't being received and responded to because of the firewall. They told me I needed to make a firewall rule to accept and respond to ICMP packet requests from the IP range: /

Thats really great, but how do I do that in Norton Internet Security. I tried to setup Intrustion Protection allowing access from the address above, but that didnt fix the problem. When I look at what they said I can see I can setup a range to allow through. But wouldnt that almost defeat the purpose of the firewall. The range between and seems to me to be pretty big, opening up my PC to a huge slice of ip's accross the internet. Is my thinking correct or am I way off here?

Im a networking newbie and dont know a whole lot about these sorts of things. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.


Under nis, go under internet access control. Click on configure. Then click system wide settings. Scroll down till you see block icmp inbound and outbound packets. Uncheck it. Or you can just highlight it, then click modify, and change certain things to block or allow.

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