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Norton Ghost



:) I sure did - Symantec - thanks for the correction NetRyder. If you go to Powerquest you'll find info on Drive Image, but that won't help with Ghost! Sorry.


Originally posted by Jz1397-4
How do i create a back up, and then retore with it? (before i install sp1, just in case)
This is something that i can help u with as i use it all the time.

You will need an ms-dos based boot disk, put a blank floppy in the disk drive, open my computer, right click on floppy and select format. Click on make system disk. click format. Close when finished.

Copy the ghost.exe file to the floppy disk, reboot.

Once booted of the floppy type in ghost.exe at the command prompt.

Click on the top menu item (i can't remember what it is called)

Backing up

  1. Select partition then to image
  2. select teh drive you wish to backup
  3. click ok
  4. enter the name that you wish to save the image as and where you want to save it. It cannot be on the same partition
  5. keep clicking ok. Enable Compression to save space (and time if ghosting to a network computer
  6. when its finished reboot

  1. Select partion then from image
  2. Select the partition you backed up from
  3. keep clicking ok
  4. when finished it has been restored

Bob S

Regardless, your making a pre-sp1 backup is good thinking. It saved me. I went back twice before I solved my problems after installation.

Bob S

Just back your system up and go for it. I am now completely up-to-date and am about to create a bootable XP + SP1 CD.

You only learn by doing.


Only Norton Ghost 2002 works with XP'

You do not need the ghost.exe or ghostpe.exe (pe= personal edition I think) on a special Norton Ghost floppy. You only need the single Ghost exe file put on a boot floppy, or DOS drive. (I just us a 98 bootup disk and have the ghostpe.exe file on my fat32 'images' parition'

...Ghost only writes/reads images to FAT32 drives. (too hard to make an NTFS boot floppy device I gues), but of course Ghost 2002 reads the old an new NTFS formats.

On my own system, my system drive is a 30Gig drive with the first 20 gigs as NTFS and the remaining 10Gigs formatted later as FAT32 (post installation from XP's disk manager).

I moved mydocuments, favorites, caches etc to a second 80 gig drive as well as installing games, office, visual studio etc to that second drive.

When I need to restore an image - I only need to back up my e-mail and address book. (haven't figured out how to move those to a second drive).

You don't really need instructions - using ghost is a no-brainer.

(backup this partition or drive to a file called 'x' on this drive or partition).


I hear there are a bunch of great HDD imagers around. But I personally am a freak for Norton Ghost. With Norton you can write images directly to Tape or CD. You can split images while writing them, or you can split them at a later time, with Ghost Explorer. Ghost Explorer even allows you to add or remove files from a .GHO image.

We use Ghost quite extensively at our company. I have hardly EVER had troubles with Ghost. Sometimes it may give an error about the NT log files not being flushed. But this is easy to fix.

All you really need is an MS DOS bootflop, preferably with CD Rom drivers or Network drivers, and you are all set. Restoring a Ghost Image can take as little as 10 minutes. No reinstallation beats that.

There's a new version out... Enterprise Edition 7.5. It looks really hot!

Kind regards,
Willem Moolenaar

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