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Norton Antivirus 2005 Bug


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In the UK there is a magazine called ComputerActive, in the news section there is a article about a bug in Norton Antivirus 2005, it was discovered by independent security researcher Daniel Milisic,

Symantec says: Mr Milisic had misunderstood the way the program operated. It said the flaw does stop the program's icon from showing in the computers System Tray, the auto-protect feature would still be running in the background and would still be protecting the computer. Although a user affected by the flaw would not be notified of any potential threat's. he or she would still be protected.
it goes on to say that "engineer's are currently investigation alternatives to address this issue".

It then goes on to say there is a patch for it at the following address: http://service1.symantec.com/support
but when I try this address I just get a dead end.
I have also searched Symantec web-pages and cannot find it, you would think there would be a link to it on the main page for something this important, even better it should be downloaded as part of Norton's updates. how can I be sure that my computer has got this patch/update.

I use Norton Internet Security 2005 & Systemworks 2005 on WinXP Pro-SP2

anybody know more about this? and how to fix it.


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Chances are this patch has already been and gone on liveupdate.
Computeractive, as lovely and glossy as it is tends to be a little out of date, as magazines generally are :eek:

Run Symantec Liveupdate and if there is nothing to download, then chances are there are no critical issues outstanding.

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