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Norton Antivirus 2004 Pro Boot Slowdown!!!

Hello peeps, ... I just recently installed NAV 2004 PRO and everything runs normal except that when I boot up the pc it went from 30 secs to boot to almost 2 mins. I tried using various things to see if they work such as BOOTVIS, and even looking in startup to see whats starting up, but no luck, doesn anyone else have the same problem? How can I be able to fix this boot slowdown? It just sits there for about 1 min (looks like its frozen) then goes on and loads everything else up... any suggestions would be great!! thx peeps


ps... I installed over NAV 2003 PRO as the readme.txt didn't say to uninstall 2003, (only if you had 2002)...
See the thread here.

You could try removing it using the rnav tool which should be on the cd if not the 2003 version should do. And re-installing it.

It has been suggested the problem only occurs if you upgraded.

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not true enyo.. well I can't really speak for the bootup to be honest (tho it does seem faster... walked out the room, back in it was loaded :O) but I did a clean install and my browser problems were all too apparent :(


NAV does slow the boot process down - I noticed it on 2003 ... It also slow the starting of progs .. They need to work on it ..

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