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norton anti-virus 2002???



i got a qustion...the thing keeps on saying i havnt run liveupdate....but i keep on running it, and i keeps o saying my copmuter is up to date...but NAV2002 still says i havnnt ran liveupdate yet??


Xp SerpenT

my norton is saying this all the time it even destroyed my OS..
new i have Xp and NO firewaaal and NO virusscan so what

delete norton that all i say,.,.,.


well i ran live update and i got an update for norton antivirus 2002 and after it installed it asked me to restart my computer so i did. ever since then i have not been able to open norton antivirus. it's sitting there in the taskbar on autoprotect but if i double click the icon nothing happens. so how am i suppose to do a virus scan on my computer. or does anyone know of a way to get it to open? thanks in advance.
I vote for uninstall reinstall....and dont forget liveupdate and livereg need to be uninstalled after you uninstall Norton AV first. Then reinstall



Try rebooting after you run live update and it tells you, there are no updates. My Systemworks 2000 used to do that to me running on Windows 98.

It appeared to have something to do with a "quirk" where as it would not update until after a reboot!

Just a thought - might be worth a try.

I am running NAV 2002 as part of Norton Systemworks 2002 and I have not had a problem with automatic updating (virus) nor live update.

I can doubleclick on my virus icon in the system tray or I can right click and select "Open Norton Antivirus", I can double click my Norton's Icon on the desk top, or Start, All Programs,Norton Systemworks,Norton Antivrus and I always end up at the same place - the Status screen of my NAV 2002 program from which I can select any type of scan, report, etc I desire!

I am sure you did not need to hear this.

But that would lead me to believe an uninstall - reinstall might be the answer - be sure to follow WildOptic's advise!


One Step from The Edge
Check your build

I was having problems with NAV on a new system, running XP Home or Pro. Changed to system works 2002.05 with build 53 and all is working, both Home and Pro. I know that some of the Norton SW 2002 earlier builds were quarky and having problems with XP. Can't remember the build/rev number that can be used. Vampire00 had the info and posted somewhere previously. By the way, I completely unistalled NAV and installed the SW2002, my live update works fine as well as everything else SW2002 comes with.



I went back and checked mine - Systemworks is 2002.05, Build 53 also!

I think iamtaylormade has hit the nail on the head - since mine is also working as advertised!
I had the same problem. When running live update, there should be a list of the programs installed on your computer. All I had listed was live update, even though I have all the norton systemworks products plus personal firewall. Nothing would update. I uninstalled and reinstalled all the norton products and "voila" all the proggys were listed and updated normally. So...try that and see if it works. I know it's a pain, but whatcha gonna do.

Apparently there is a file that lists what you have installed. If it becomes corrupted, the only way I know to fix it is to reinstall. Good luck.

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