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Norton 2005 FTP Block Problem


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I need help really badly
let me explain to you the problem
I have 2 computers at home that are on a LAN
1 has direct internet connection and is sharing it over the LAN
now i have formatted my PC the one who has the internet connection and reinstalled everything like before but the problem is that i noticed that i didnt have access to ftp downloads, everytime i tried to download a file from an ftp well it couldnt connect.
then what i did is that i stopped sharing my internet connection over the LAN and suddenly the ftp downloads started to work but since i need internet on both pcs well i shared it again
but then i tried to disable the Norton antivirus 2005 built-in worm protection and the ftp donwload was back again. The weird thing is that when the worm protection is enalbled on the pc with the direct internet access i cant download from ftps but on the other pc which is on the LAN and has also Norton 2005 installed with the worm protection enabled i can download from ftps.
so how can i fix this problem any1 any ideas ?

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