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Noisy Hard Drive


OSNN Senior Addict
I have been changing my system Case for a Coolermaster one. All appears OK except my Hard Drive activity is noisy although it was quiet before. It is fitted tightly enough, is there anything I am overlooking?
It's probably not vibrations due to bad fitting. It all depends on where in the case the disk is and how well the case is insulated for the noise. "Different cases make different sounds" I guess. Nothing to worry about, unless it drives you nuts. :)


hardware monkey
there's a chance your harddrive coulda got bumped during the transplant. just to be safe, i'd do a thorough scandisk or, better yet, use a program from the hd manufacturer's website. ibm has DFT, for instance.

if it checks out okay, then it's just a matter of acoustics. }:>


OSNN Senior Addict
I have carried out the Western Digital on line check of my Hard Drive and it tells me that it is working properly, so it must just be that the Hard Drive, on my Cooler Master Case is right behind the Intake Fan Grill, which is right in front of me now that it is on the desk. So the sound of it running is not deadened in any way. I expect I'll get used to it.

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