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Noisy fan



all of a sudden lately my fan is noisy. it will eventually stop but as time goes on it takes longer for it to stop. i got this pc in the middle of last year, so its only about half a year old. i would think something like this wouldn't happen already. i haven't messed with the power settings or overclocking or anything so i dunno whats up.
The bearing in the fan has worn out. The noise will get louder and last longer until the bearing locks up and the fan stops. When the that happens depending on which fan it is and what type of CPU you have it could do some serious damage. You need to figure out which fan it is and replace it as soon as possible. Could be power supply fan, CPU cooler or a case fan.

I had a fan on a good, brandname, CPU cooler go out after just a month last fall!


I may be possible to replace just the fan if that is the only thing wrong. This could cost anywhere from $5 to $15 dollars if you do the work yourself.

If you would happen to have to buy a new PSU then try and buy something in the high end. I just bought a 550 watt PSU for $110 with shipping. Make sure it has all the latest protection devices in it. i.e., voltage sensor, heat sensor, current sensor...........



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That's nice to know. One of my case fans has been noisy, and goes normal if I bang directly on the fan several times. I'm contacting Antec tech support on Monday (I got the voice mail message that said they were only open Monday-Friday :p).



Actually, you should never replace the fan inside your power supply, you should just replace the whole power supply. The power supply, which has pottentially lethal voltages, should be repaired by a properly trained technician only. Be sure to use a replacement unit of the same or greater wattage and with the same type of output conncetors which would most likely be an ATX in your case...

It may sound funny, but I have seen an injury from someone working on a power supply. The only other thing you never want to try is working inside a CRT... Deadly!
who in there right mind would work on the inside of a CRT with all that stored up static voltage, that is ****** nuts. i agree with sdibias, get a new PSU, they are not that much and it never hurts to get a better one,


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Originally posted by canadian_divx
who in there right mind would work on the inside of a CRT with all that stored up static voltage, that is ****** nuts.
me! :happy:

while it was on, too. it was an old 17" that has a fuzzy picture so i opened it up, cleaned out, turned it on, and adjusted the horizontal and vertical focus things and got it back in shape. :)


Originally posted by Nick M
Enough voltage stored in there, even if unplugged and turned off, to kill!
Easily! I have seen an electrician working inside an electrical panel get hit with 277v before, they had to kick the ladder to get him to fall. Scary stuff.. Electricity that is...

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