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No Sound in Vista 64


Not all there...
I'm baaaaaaack.... with more PROBlems....

Meh... I started off not being able to get anysound in iTunes from my Vista 64-bit system (it's an HP system). So I went through all of the obvious stuff (volume controls, checked the cables). I was getting alert sounds from other programs, but I checked and I wasn't getting any sound from theinternet, either (tried watching a Flight of the Conchords video on YouTube). So one site recommended that I delete my sound driver and reload it. Well... I uninstalled my ssound driver, went to download the driver from RealTek.com... and they have ceased to be... or their site is down... or SOMETHING, because their page won't load at all. Zip... Zilch... Nada... Nichts... That dog won't hunt. So now I don't even have a sound driver on my computer.

I'm really beginning to regret buying this 64-bit system...


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HP is notorious with the realtek drivers. What model HP is it? The best way is to uninstall the driver from the device manager. then, restart your PC. Vista with try and locate your new driver. if it does not find it. usually a Windows Update will work. or
go to the HP support site and download the original drivers.


Not all there...
Oh, YAY! You were right! Thanxomuch tdinc! I restarted, and not only did the driver reload, but I now have sound in all locations. Now I'm off to ABC.com to watch the episodes of Scrubs I missed...

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