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No more reboot!


wild naugha

Hi guys

This is the second time Ive had this prob. Hope you can help.

I installed XP on my system , the only hardare connected was a G force 4 mx and a CD rom. The install went well, Windows rebooted normally twice.Once the install was done I set the boot devices as this ( hard drive - cd rom - floppy). Next I installed my Nic card to get online and acctivate XP Home. Now for the Problem, now when I want to reboot or when an application wants to reboot my computer......it wont. I have to manually hit the restart button on the front of the box. Could the Nic card be the culpret. I next installed a Soundblaster Audigy gamer card and got the XP drivers. Any ideas Thanks to all.

Athlon xp 1600
FIC AD 11 mobo pcb ver 1.2a award bios ABB42
256 DDR PC2100
Acer 16 x DVd 48 x CR Rom
Audigy Gamer Soundcard
40 gig 7200 rpm HD
Net gear ethernet card


Go into control panel. Click on system. Go into hardware. Find your nic card. Right click and select disable. Now reboot and see if you have the same problem. If not than its the card. You can enable the card the same way you disable the card. If this this fixes the problem, put the card in another pci slot and turn computer on. Make sure the other driver is still disabled when you do this. This will make windows xp search for another route and IRQ for the card. It is ok to leave the first driver disabled. You just cannot install anything else in that slot because it will not work.
The problem is probably an IRQ conflict. If the nic card is using the same IRQ number as the power supply does then there's your conflict. You see some hardware can use the same IRQ with no problems. Some cannot.
What IRQ (Interrupt request) is. Lets say your in line to get your drivers license. Each person takes a number. Two of you have the same number. The person behind desk is the cpu. The cpu calls a number and 2 of you show up. And if you and the other person cannot work it out on who was first then there's a conflict. Works the same way in your computer. Each hardware has a number(IRQ). If the cpu calls on one thing and two show up the cpu decides which one it will work with(the nic card) and which one it won't(your power supply shutdown). To fix this another IRQ number has to be given to the nic card. Hope this helps. ikester

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