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No boot on P4P800 Deluxe & P4 3.0E


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Similar to the problem described in the post a few months back: http://forum.osnn.net/showthread.php?t=59299

I, too, got a new CPU and now it fails to boot. Worked okay for a day or two, then one day it just started lagging a bit, wierd errors here and there, and now it fails to boot up at all.

Fans spinnigg, HD spinning, lights are all a go. Just nothing on the screen. I hear clearing the CMOS BIOS thing is the key. I found where the CLRTC1 area is on my motherboard through the sticky diagram. Was wondering what the steps were on "clearing the CMOS."

Never done this before, can I get step by step instructions so I don't clear my motherboard of all information or something?

And alot of people have been saying "disconnect the power supply and then clear the CMOS." How do you clear the CMOS if there's no power going to it? T___T

Thanks for the help in advance OSNN community! :lick:

Evil Homer

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The CMOS gets power from the battery on the motherboard.
Thats how your CMOS keeps its information when there is no power being supplied from the powersupply.
Unplugging the powersupply is a safe measure so you don't fry the motherboard aswell when resetting your CMOS.
Your best bet is to read the motherboard manual that came with your motherboard, should have a diagram on what position to move the jumper to reset the CMOS.
You can also download the full manual from the Asus website.
At the CLRTC1 area, most times just move the jumper from pins 1 and 2, to pins 2 and 3 for 5 to 10 seconds, then back to 1 and 2 usually resets the CMOS.
Also make sure you get the newest bios for your motherboard, Asus updates the bios files lots to support new CPU's for all there boards.
Here is the link for all files for the P4P800 Deluxe:
Hope this helps abit.
Evil Homer said:
Hope this helps abit.
Thought it was an ASUS motherboard :lick:


Seriously though, if clearing the CMOS doesn't work, it may be a graphics card problem. Try replacing your current card with another one if you have one lying about.

Are you hearing any beeps when your booting?

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