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No boot on dual boot system... HELP!!!


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi all, ok, I think I'm stupid... I have laptop with preinstalled XP Pro, about a year ago I installed SuSE Linux 10 as a dual boot comp - linux was starting first with options to start XP - all was good.
Then, last night after few hours of HMM V play, I DELETED LINUX PARTITION !!! - dont't ask why :).... so short story, system is booting only to show GRUB command line (I'm no Linux guy:( ). I used XP Live CD and can see that I have 4 Partitions, and I think I know wich one is from linux installation - so if I somehow delete this partion I'll be ok? Reinstall is not an option - too much usefull things installed. So can any one help? Pllleeeaaasseee... :)


OSNN One Post Wonder
It's IBM T42, with "blue key" for recovery - and it's not working, called them they will send recovery CD, but according to them all my stuff will be gone... :( - Maybe some kind of paratitionig program will help? - my understanding is that now MBR ?, is on wrong partition ...
Thx for reply anyway :)

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