No 80 Conductor Cable Installed ????


Manos P

Booting by pc, just after identifying the IDE devices, i get a "SECONDARY IDE CHANNEL NO 80 CONDUCTOR CABLE INSTALLED" message for a few sec, but everything works fine (without asking for hitting any key)! I've been seeing this message by the the time i added a second IDE HD (WD 40gb) configured as secondary master. Though both HD don't seem to have any probs at all, how can i get rid of the message above? Do i have to make any changes in system's BIOS?


256 mb SDRAM
NVIDIA Riva TNT2 Model 64/Model 65 pro
SB Audigy Platinum
Seagate 60gb (IDE) (Primary-Master)
WD 40gb (IDE) (Secondary-Master)
Iomega SCSI Controller
Plextor cd-rom 40x (SCSI)
Plextor cd-r 16x (SCSI)
Creative PC-DVD 12x (Secondary-Slave)
WINDOW XP Pro !!!! (build 2600)


hardware monkey
sounds like you need a different cable. there are 2 different types of ide cables... 40- and 80-conductor. 80-conductor are needed for ata100 and faster, i believe... so your harddrive might be running at ata66 or even ata33.

look on your primary channel... you cable should look flatter and have more (smaller) wires... that one is 80-conductor. the other with less (bigger) wires is 40-conductor... just good for cd/dvd drives, basically.


NTFS Stoner
The original 40 cbale IDE lead is only good up to ATA33/66 i think, 80 ribbon takes you all the way to ATA133 if your PC supports it. Your PC will be fine, but if you get an 80 ribbon, you should get better performance from your PC

Manos P

If the prob is on the cable (is really an ATA 33/66), and do replace it with a 80 conductor ata133 and do gain a better performance on by secondary HD, is there any chance of a facing a new prob with my cd-dvd this time?


NTFS Stoner
I don't think it will, somtimes the slower device drags the faster device down a bit, but i was testing this the other day, and personally didnt lose any drive speed.


NTFS Stoner
Thinking about it, try and run both hard drives from the primary if you have 1 80 and 1 40 cable. See if that helps.


hardware monkey
if you just replace the cable, you shouldn't have any problems whatsoever... but should find extra hd performance.
80-conductor is needed from UATA66 and up. You only need to replace the cable if you have harddisks on that channel. CD-ROMs and CD-burners don't benefit from it.

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