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nlite problem


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I am using nLite to Slipstream Windows XP. I am having some troubles, I am at the end of the procedure, and it says "Compressing Drivers" and does nothing after that. I loaded and did everything right, it just seems to stop/freeze at that one last part in the program.
Does anybody know why this is happening? What is wrong, how can I fix this or what...grrr Does anybody know what I am talking about...?


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nLite seems like a neat little program (I didn't know about, just had a google) but if you are not stripping components why don't you slipstream manually?

There are many good tutorials on the net for slipstreaming and crating a bootable cd. Just google it.

nLite is in beta stage, so there are quite a few bugs (check the website), so maybe your problem is one of them.




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oh I know how to Slipstream in many ways, even in the command prompt. I am using nLite because I am removing things from Windows XP. That is the main reason why I am using it.

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