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Nintendo on game cube?


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Do you think Nintendo will still make gamecube games even after the revolution's launch ? like Sony and Microsoft ?
We all know that the REV is coming in 2006, or at least lets hope so , but I found a gamecube game in production and its set to launch in 2007


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They'll probably support it for a few months after the Revolution's launch, but after that, who knows. Nintendo (and pretty much other companies too) don't have a good reputation with supporting outdated hardware, especially when releasing titles in the west.

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hehe, since the launch of the Nintendo DS, most new games for it seem to come out on it, rather then the Gameboy advance... And wouldn't you know that after having got a Gameboy player with my Game Cube (back when I first got it), well...

As the guy above me had mentioned, probably after so many months, they'll be wanting people to upgrade. I only wish they'd come out with a DS player or something, as I most often play at home, rather then in the car or something. Probably could get the DS and some cable to link them though...

Probably after it's been around for a season or however long, game companies will just end up moving to the newer platform, and give their fare wells to the older. Not necessarily in a forte night though... Just so Revolution can still play Game Cube games, it shouldn't be too bad beyond money, and the Game Cube could be traded in. Given one first got it for $99, and it's seen a price cut already, not sure one would get much in trade in value however...


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I don't see Nintendo really supporting the Gamecube much beyond the Revolution release, as the Revolution is going to be backwards compatible with the Gamecube. Most any games that come out after Revolution release I would think are going to be 3rd party. Either way thought they'll be playable on both consoles I would think.


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I wish they would hurry up and finish production of the Rev. I want a new Mario Kart.

(and I've seen screenshots of the new version that is currently available in arcades in Japan.... holy nuts!)

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