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Nintendo DS...

When do you guys think the price of this newer machine will drop down. I want to get one of them, but i dont want to pay the full price, but i also dont want to get a used one. Usually its about two months right? Well hopfully my X-box will work better. This is kinda a useless thread but i'm kind bored.


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When the PSP becomes more popular. Even though both companies say the two handhelds aren't competing, it doesn't take a genius to see that they will clash head on sooner or later


Dabba Dooba
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lol...cody cody cody. You ask me the same stuff on msn. Why dont u just ask here first? Anyway...i think its funny how all your topics are in the game thread. Go out and help and talk in other threads.

also...give me some rep points!! i helped u like a million times and i keep asking u too.
nevermind i went out and bought one:) i like it so far but i dont like that metriod prime thingy so far. i just hope some of those games are able to be one player :) but yay for cody


Dabba Dooba
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Good job choad :). I played with the demo at best buy today when i bought my KB. Hope u have fun and thanks for the rep :p

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