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NIC card troubles..



I have a netgear FA3111 nic card and it performs fine. Only trouble I have with it is when I play CounterStrike. I get masive choke no matter what server I play on. I have played from several different locations to see if its my connection but I get the same thing. Any tips?

I heard something about QOS but dont know what and howw o do that and maybe there is a registy setting i might try?


have you tried the exact same setup but with a different nic card? are you sure its the nic?

assuming that the nic card IS the problem, take a look on the netgear website for any known issues or config tweaks.

also, in your cstrike directory there is a file called config.cfg
open it and scroll down to the bottom, there are various network related settings you can change. Also, disable netbios is CS. You do this in the same way as you enable console i.e.

right click on your shortcut to CS. select properties. you should see the path to the exe file. at the end of the path add the switch to disable net bios in the same way as ive done with '-console' below. I cant remember the switch for netbios....you will need to search the net for the correct syntax. Disabling net bios speeds up the time it takes to connect to servers.

c:/your_path_to_cs/cstike.exe -console

a brief guide to config.cfg settings is here http://www.lanparty.com/pnp/autoexeccs.htm
It's not QoS. QoS is only used in domains controlled by a Win2k QoS domain server. Shouldn't be the card really. Have you tried a different card?


im gonna try a diff card this week. Gonna try a Linksys. Im still looking for the netbios info as well.


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netgear cards seem to have problems with XP i got the same NIC as you have and whne i installed it XP took ages to boot up and then the internet connection was slow as hell , now i got an old intel NIC and its working fine :D

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