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NFS3 in XP

I am trying to get Need for Speed 3 to work on XP, I have tried all of the compatability settings and the most that I can get out of it is a blank screen and the CD spins, that is the best when I have it set to Windows 95, Disabling Visual Themes and 256 colour limit.
Can anyone help me to try and get this game to work as it is one of the best NFS games out.


i just bought nfs high stakes (nfs 4) which includes hot pursuit mode (nfs 3) and it works 100% perfectly on XP...I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! it's awesome.
I forked out enough cash to get XP to work in the first place, I dont want to fork out more, for a new game, when considering Microsoft's "It just works" attitude with XP that my current game should work.
I have tried all sorts of things to get this to work.
Can anyone make any suggestions as to why this could not be working.
Yep I have tried all of the different compatability settings with still no luck, I get the most promising results in Win95 mode, where the game actually looks for the CD in 98 mode it doesnt look for the CD nothing happens.
has anyone got any more ideas about getting this game working.
People that have it working is it patched, and which filesystem are you using. Also display card and driver versions


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sorry bro, the only games I play are shootemups and strat games like RtCW, CS, battlezone, Max Payne and the like... most work fine...

check out if there are any little issues with the game by seeing the readme file or checking links on the games homepage..

also do call up the customer service/email them and find out what the problem could be... I had compatibility issues with delta force going online with my system, and issues with my video card AND with norton.. I contacted customer service each time... demanding a solution :) and they were kind enough to provide one or a simple alternative...

never hurts mate... just try not to sound too militant on the emails :D
I have sent emails, and the NFS3 website that used to be open is now closed. I hav checked all over the EA website, and they have either removed it completely or hidden it so well as they want more publicity for Hot Pursuit 2 which I dont give a damn about as it is for PS2, or one of those console things.
I have also tried calling EA, but that is a lost cause as well.

Any ideas from the brilliant XP erience people.


I assume you've downloaded all the compatibility updates from the windows update site? I checked over at ntcompatible.com and the concensus seems to be that the game does'nt work with XP, athough it was flagged as working for W2K.
I have heard from others like Bytes back and some other peeps around here that they have got it working.
Should the filesystem matter, can win2k do fat32?


Yes Win2k can do FAT32 but i would'nt think the file system would be the issue.

The information i saw was to run the installer using Win95 compatibility, which i assume you've already done, download all compat udates from m$, then run the game

If you have a newsreader maybe you should post a question in alt.games.need-for-speed. The guy's in there are pretty helpful.
K thanks, I have got all of the comp updates through windows update. I will check for more.

I will see if I can get my newsreader to get through the network proxyserver, but I doubt it.


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Have you even bothered to look at the readme file if you had you would of saved yourself a lot of trouble this is what it says ........
Electronic Arts(TM) presents
NFS3 was written to operate under Windows 95 and Windows 98 and
does not specifically support Windows NT. If you attempt to install
the game on a Windows NT system, the installation will fail.


The installer will work by using win95 compatibility. That's not the problem. The readme was written before W2k and XP came out (With DirectX7/8) and as he say's some people have reported it working under those platforms.

Basically that readme is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.:D

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Oh dear punisher, perhaps you should breed a new trout for fixing problems in XP !!

I have just checked my game, I am not using any compatibility mode ( I have yet to see it do anything useful ) but the game runs fine.

I think it could be an issue with the cd protection jobby, I can email you the NOCD files you would need but i need an email address. ( You cant attach files to email from here)

PM Me ( your pm box is full )


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Thanks for the file. Still not working on XP. That files not gone to waste though nfs3 works fine on my kids pc 98se. Thanks anyhow owe you 1

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