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NFS Underground2 requirements.....

hey guys what are the min requirements to run Underground 2 without it going like a slideshow? also how will a gigabyte geforce 6600Gt and the non-gt handle the game?


I have 512 MB RAM and a Celeron 1.3GHz on my laptop with one of those Intel Extreme Graphics inbuilt (64MB RAM) and it works smoothly without the eyecandy.
Can we not turn OSNN into yet another forum wherm morons are asking how the bery latest hardware runs not so latest games please?

If its latest hardware you can assume it will run just dandy at max settings.
and what's your problem LordOfLA? why do you always need to act like a grouch?
if you dont like something then please dont respond, no one wants to hear your sh*t.

and thanx for replying delta4s, well actually i would like to play it with all details on high coz turning off the all the eyecandy makes it look like an PS1 game!


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On my machine it runs fine at 1280*960(i think) with everything maxed out.
I guess anything from a ati 9500pro upwards with amd2100+ and 512 meg of ram should be able to run all the settings on (at 1024*768).
Its a good game but the nature of the effects some can be turned off on older systems withour you noticing much (such as some of the motion effects, rain on windscreen etc)
really? cool, hey i have a freind whoz got a 9200se hes been putting off buyin nfsu2 coz he thinks it might not work on his. do u think itll work on a radeon 9200se with 2.6gz proc and 512mb ram?

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