nFROCE2 booting problem

i try to turn on my new nforce2 after i moved it into a new case and it dosn't post. It did post before with a 2400+ and 2 512sticks from OCZ. i just moved it into a new case with a new videocard, HDD, CD-ROMS and PSU. i have cleared the CMOS etc, and nothing smells like it is burning, so i dunno where to go from here, any ideas on why it is not working?


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Is the front panel switch jumper plugged into the right spot on the MB and did you rememeber to turn on the PSU back panel switch. Can you check the PSU in another box? I have had several dead power supplies delivered in new cases.

If the switch and PSU are ok you probably have one of the mounting posts shorting a power line on the MB. Happens all the time and is usually non-destructive.

Loosen all the connections and re-center the patterns on the board under the screw heads. If that doesn't help one of the monuting posts may be off center. Pull the MB up and slip some card board, etc under it so it can't touch the case. If it boots now you know it was a shorting problem. Look for an area that would be a problem and insulate it. Then reassemble.

It could also be an assembly error (plug in backwards, RAM not seated, etc. Recheck all connections.


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I used to have a no POST problem on via boards.. I reseated everything except the cpu for fear of cracking the diode.. if that didn't work i'd plop in an old pci vga card.. if then it posted i put the agp card back in and it would work.
Everything is connected properly, i had not thought about the mounting problem though. the board was working perfectly in another case, and then i just transplanted it and it would not post. so im gong to move it tonight and then see what happens, but the only reason it is not posting would be that it is touching the case. (that is, the only reason that i can think of.)
yep it worked, i took the board out, dusted and removed all exces mb mounts from the case and it works now. thanks for you help, cause i would have never thought of that.

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