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try viewing those from the command prompt. They are supposed to be viewed that way (at least most of them are).

Enter the command prompt and type "EDIT <filename>.nfo

On how to make them... sorry, can't help you there.

Willem Moolenaar


You need allt of tiem and patience hehehehe, best to use the .nfo editor - there are plenty about - do a search on Google
If you want to view .nfo files in Notepad, just set your font to "Terminal", your font style to "Regular", and your font size to "11". Then you can see the graphics. :)

For example, copy and paste the .nfo from your example into notepad and set your font. You will get a picture of something.

All you need to know to make the pictures is what character does what kind of shading and then make a black and white sketch or something and try to copy it into notepad using the right shading characters... you could use character map to help you figure out what characters to use to shade it properly.

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