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Nfl draft - biggest suprises?


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The suprises I saw were:

8. Raiders... Leave it to the Raiders who desperately need help in the QB, RB, and Safety positions to pick McClain??? In my opinion any athletic DE TOO many to list who were still available and they go for an ILB???

24. Dallas... we all knew they wanted a new bookend for Miles, I didnt think however they would trade down to get Dez Bryant... Dallas could be shopping Roy Williams very soon, as there is nothing Dez cant do that Williams can...

25. Denver... Can you say project quarterback? Tim Tebow will not take over the starting roll over Orton, much less take the 2nd string over Brady Quinn, what were they thinking? If you ask me, Daniels is hoping a huge gamble pays off and he saves his job... Good luck Josh... :laugh:

30. Detriot... OK... this one only makes sense if you are thinking of going to Running back by commitee... You have Kevin Smith who has done fairly well considering what he is running behind, yet you go for another RB, they must be VERY worried about Smiths ACL injury much more than they are letting on...

32. Saints... First let me preface what I am about to say that I am a die hard Florida State Fan... The Saints had no business picking Robinson... he had a fantastic Sophmore year, and then went the way of the Dodo bird... Unless they believe they can fit him into their schemes to break up passing attempts while rushing the passer there were other better DE's available...

#19 of the second round???
Toby Gerhardt to Minesota??? I mean really?

So now we wait to see what day two will bring...

After my rant... who do you all who follow football think were the best/ worst picks, and why?

Mike A!
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I'm a Broncos fan myself, and I love the Tebow pick.

He's an incredible athlete (totally rocked the combine, not to mention the NCAA...), very coachable, and very adaptable. He's done nothing but play like a champ since the day he took to a football field, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't change in the NFL.


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My issue with that pick is you gave up 3 picks, 1) traded your earlier pick for a later one and than jucied up the deal by giving up two other picks later in the draft...

Tebow would have been lucky to be drafted in the top 25 of the 2nd round... Denver had two other quarterbacks in Clausen and McCoy (even if they didnt like those two QB's better) who would have easily gone before Tebow, so why waste so many valuable picks?

If they waited just a short time, they still would have gotten Tebow on your 13th pick on the second round...

OR, if you REALLY were afraid either Oakland or Cleveland would have grabbed him trade your 13th pick with Philly (for #5) and a third round pick... they surely would have gone for that being they have plenty of picks already... and wouldnt be giving up much in the draft anyway.

It astounds me he still has a job... he alienated a top 10 QB in Cutler by shopping him around, then traded marshall before the draft, which again made sense only if you look at Marshalls antics with the office and problems off the field.

I like Denver, but lets be real, they need to get rid of Mr Daniels...

Mike A!

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