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Next Generation Geforce Date?



In the past I had heard about the next generation of Geforce cards (not sure nvidia is even gonna call them geforce anymore) were coming out. That was about 2 or so months ago and I was just wondering if anyone has heard about this and if they know when they will be released (that way I can finally afford a GF4 :0). Anyways .. just wondering, Thanks!


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the nv30 and higher series of cards were scheduled per nvidia to have been released in october... latest news standing the release date to the market has been pused to next year january at the earliest... samples are expected to be out november/december but have not heard/seen anything on the boards yet...

last I hear the FIRST nv30 off the conveyor belt have arrived for testing @ nvidia's labs and they are pleased with the results...

delays for the nv30 for a number of reasons... ati's 9700pro performance/migrating to 0.13 micron GPU process/manufacturing problems and others that nvidia has not released but have been speculated about plenty...

to read about paper specs of nv30 look for my submission on front page with the specs of the new card.. if you are interested :)
Sazar think nvidia will be able to have product shipments placed before christmas? or think they will fall flat and just debuet it at comdex.

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