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next gen p2p


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i heard that kazaa could be sued in the US by the SCOURGE for obvious reasons
my question is what if someone produced a p2p app on there own under no company name or business whatever. and that person was good at being "stealth" from the might of the riaa then you could have a p2p network that no one could stop because they wont be able to find a person to sue the pants off or take to court

aint that a good idea:cool:

and they distributed it by email or summin


I may actually be insane.
if they distributed it by mail they wouldnt get many users... which is what make a good p2p network.
more users means more files being shared, so you're company or application has to be really popular and well knwo to be any good really :\


i saw an article i think it was at the register about a bunch of kazaa users being sued in denamrk...basically they used a snapshot of what they were sharing to use against them

they were fined 14,000$ each

its why i avoid kazaa and the like.....


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Posted by Burpster
i saw an article i think it was at the register about a bunch of kazaa users being sued in denamrk...basically they used a snapshot of what they were sharing to use against them

they were fined 14,000$ each

its why i avoid kazaa and the like.....
it was about edonkey... and those guys were running edonkey servers... actually, it was the first kind of this sued against edonkey users / servers... but since edonkey has no need of a central server to distribute the location of files, its hard to block it...

one can even run a "private server" so u share only the files with the people, who know that private server... chances of getting found are reduced ...


I may actually be insane.
Yup, it all comes down to the amount of users. if everyone from every different p2p network merged to 1 net then you could almost guarentee you'd find what you're looking for.

Good thing about IRC is its specific and you KNOW you're not getting a fake file :p

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but with a centralised server wouldnt it be easier to track you as your connecting to a specific location and with kazaa and similar p2p you download off multiple people so it kind of throws them off your trail and much harder to trace yo ass unless your isp is AOL cuz its in there business interests to stop piracy


I may actually be insane.
Who cares if you can be "tracked"
If you download illegal content thats up to you, and you know that its a risk, if you download perfectly legitimate content, then your ok

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practically everything you download off kazaa is illegal 1 way or another unless you get the kazaa picks files


it dosent matter where and how many people you get a file from. I have personally hacked into people's computers through the kazaa network (kazaa, imesh, groakster, and morpheous when they used to use that network). you see, even if you send only 1 packet to my computer i can read the source ip address off of that and backtrace up your system with a vuneralbility that used to be in cydoor. they've fixed that now, but i could still ipspoof my way into your system through your firewall and see what you have. thats illegal pretty much everwhere, but corporate interests hire independent companies to put their media [movies, music, software] illegally on that network and they trace your ip, look up who it is registered to and threaten to sue the isp who in turn drops your account and ban's you from ever holding an account with them again. the problem lies in the way that the internet works. you have to have packet overhead for error control, which means you can trace everything. unless youre using a protocol that dosent include a source ip, in which case most of what you download wouldnt work because it will almost always contain some errors.

the solution:
* move to a platform where ALL software is free and legal
* become involved with an underground software liberation gorup
* do it and don't give a |=uc|<
* or learn how it works and hack it all yourself

personally i like option(s) 1 & 5

the guys who made fasttrack did it on the side and then it got big cause their tcp stack allowed for multiple sources which meant threaded downloads==faster downloads. then like everyone else big business in america decided that they deserved money from that and pulled the carpet out from under them so they sold it to sherman.

you always HAVE the option to create your own p2p system though. its not really that hard to do. just make sure that it really is a truely distributed application. as soon as you start to try to make money from it is when you'll get fuxxed

the reason why the kazaa network got to be so big was because indepentent hacker organizations started sharing things they had hacked (in terms of software) with people who weren't in thier immediate group. and kiddo's with mp3 software started encoding their favorite music in the post napster era. many people who had used napster were looking for a new way to share files and found this "Kazaa" program which offered so much more!
if you start a p2p make sure that you have a butt load of stuff on your computer that people want.

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