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hi does anyone know a site where they post like all the big news in technology. kinda like OSNN"s front page but with more stuff like news on computers, gaming systems, cameras, cells, software, camcorders? thanks


Prodigal Son
NetRyder said:
It would be tough to find a single site that posts comprehensive news on every single aspect that you mentioned in your post.
Was trying to do that with a site I made. I draw newsfeeds from multiple sources. It doesn't show the full story but the headlines are there. If you know of other good sources of XML newsfeeds, let me know. I'll see about adding them. http://www.newsget.com


I may actually be insane.
"sell out" rings a bell? :p

A site like which (.net) caters for a lot of different reviews on various products, I don't think you'll find a site that caters for such a broad range of things though.

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