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News Submissions Guidelines

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Today OSNN launches a News Submissions Forum, which will give its members a chance to submit news items. As the Forum Description states, if a story posted here is used by a news poster/mod/admin, due credit will be given to the reporting member.

A few things to keep in mind while using this particular section of the forum:

  1. First and foremost, as always follow the OSNN Guidelines
  2. Spamming will NOT be tolerated here. Any Off-Topic or un-related posts will be edited and/or deleted accordingly without notice or explanation. This section will be used to help better the forum, please do not abuse it.
  3. When posting about a news article, please try to follow this format:

    Lead-in to story, containing a brief summary of what the article is about.
    Quoted text from the story itself.
    Brief personal opinion on the story, as well as your reaction to it.
    Source/Download links as applicable.

    While MOST submissions will be a bit shorter, here is an example of that format for reference:

    Don't worry about images, we can handle that when the article is posted. If you find one that you want to add, please attach it to your post and it may get used.
  4. Please use this forum as actively as you wish. This section will also be used to review quality of posts and possibly promote active posters to official "News Posters" when needed.

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Please note that as part of the new news system your thread may well become the news article and your post modified by one of the OSNN team if necessary, however it will remain your post and will reflect your contribution on the front page. The thread may be moved to a more relevent section if applicable.

Should this happen the team member will comment on any actions they took!
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