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new window with SHIFT+Left click


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From day 1 of the new Site i cant open a new window ( a given post in the form ) with SHIFT=LEFT CLICK -this was ok on the " old site " as well as any other URL .
SHIFY+LEFT CLICK open a smaaler "new window " but - even the original page goes to the new post ...
I'm using "RIGHT CLICK and there OPEN NEW WINDOWS "
Quit annoying as its uniique to the XPERIENCE FORUM

Electronic Punk

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This is a tweak I never knew about, just checked it on the main site and it worked fine.

The only problem I can see is with the mouseover effect on te tables we now use. If you right click on the forum section, the colour will change but if you right click you will not see the option to open in a new window. This is an intended feature of VB3 so I thought I would get it in early. You will just have to adapt and remember to CTRL+Left click on the text as you used to do.

If anyone does know if there is code to insert this functionality please post below and I will integrate it ASAP.

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