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New Virus jdbgmgr.exe ???

Got an e-mail from a friend

Dear All
A virus has been passed on to us by a contact. Our address book in turn has been infected. Since you are in our address book there is a chance that you will find it in your computer too.

We followed the instructions below and eradicated the virus easily.

The virus (called jdbgmgr.exe) is not detected by Norton or Macafee anti-virus system. This virus sits quietly for 14 days before damaging the system. It is sent automatically by messenger and the address book, whether or not you send emails to your contacts.

Here's how to check for the virus and get rid of it:

1. Go to start, Find or Search option
2. In the file/folders option, type the name: jdbgmgr.exe
3. Be sure you search your C-drive and all the sub-folders and any other drives you may have.
4. Click: "Find now"
5. The virus has a grey teddy bear icon with the name jdbgmgr.exe- DO NOT OPEN IT
6. Go to edit (on the menu bar) and choose SELECT ALL to highlight the file without opening it.
7. Now go to the File (on the menu bar) and select DELETE. It will then go the recycle bin.
8. Go to the Recycle Bin and delete it there as well.

IF YOU FIND THE VIRUS, you must contact all the people in your address book, so they can eradicate it in their own address books.

To do this:
1. Open a new email message
2. Click the icon of the address book next to the "To"
3. Highlight every name and add to "BBC"
4. Copy this message, enter subject and paste to email, and send

Remember you have to do this very quickly !!!!
Did a search and found the file in these folder:
C:\windows\system (win98)
size 28kb
D:\windows\system32 (xp)
size 15kb, date created 12/12/2002
D:\I386 (XP source with SP1)
size 8kb, date created 12/07/2002

I would think this virus warning just a hoax, as 2 weeks has passed and nothing happened to my machine and that the compressed version (ex_)is in the xp source.

I just rename the extension to txt . . just in case.

Anybody knows what kind of program is this jdbgmgr.exe ??


NTFS Stoner
its called a hoax virus, that file is actually a java debugging tool. a quick google would have told you this instead of you being the cause of a fake virus outbreak. in reality emails like that do more damage than a real virus, so check b4 posting in future mate. there plenty out there willing to delete a critical system file because someone tells then too.

you didnt delete it did u ?.. dont matter if you did as you never use the file in this instance
Burpster, thanks.

GonZ0, read my post . .
I did suspect that this is a hoax and didn't send any e-mail to any other ppl in my contacts nor deleted any file. I posted so that members of this forum aware of it. Read before you write.


This hoax goes around every couple of months. Here is a little tip. If there are lots of addresses in th eheaders of the email it it spam.

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