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New version of AutoPatcher Updater


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Taken from Cybernet news

Remember the free AutoPatcher application that Microsoft shutdown back in August? It was a rather nifty program that had all of the Windows Updates offered in a single download. You could burn them to CD, and take them from one computer to another installing the updates. The time it can save administrators is huge, but Microsoft didn’t like the fact that their updates were being redistributed.

The developer of AutoPatcher wasn’t about to throw in the towel, and decided that he needed to make the program download the updates straight from Microsoft. There is now an AutoPatcher Beta (no installation required) available that utilizes the new download technique, but updates are currently only available for Windows XP, 2000, and 2003:
Get It HERE! :)


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Cool, never used Autopatcher before.
Neither have I. I have one question for those that have used it (new or old version), I noticed that it states something regarding speed, do they mean speed in downloading the patches or speed in what aspect?

Every time I have to reinstall XP on any system I have to end up downloading 85 or so patches & it takes for freakin' ever!!!!

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