new twist to "network cable unplugged"

ok maybe you have seen the "network cable unplugged" issue before. but i got it and all my hardware and cables are fine. my router and modem are configured perfectly. please don't ask cable, router, modem related questions in responce. I know this is all configured correctly and working because i have two operating systems running one PC. win 98 and xp pro. it is the xp pro where i have the problem and the win98 is how i am communicating with you all.
it started with "network cable unplugged" even though i get a private i.p. from my router with onboard realteck nic. so i switched to pci realteck i had laying around. then i remembered i had a smc usb nic here somewhere so i went for it. removed pci card and shut down on board nic in cmos.
this is where i am: i get private i.p. from router but no internet. and yes it is there. i simply switch to win98 and touch nothing hardware related and i am on and going with same private i.p. back on the XP system i can commuicate with the router. i can go into the router and see my public i.p. and so on, but this shouldn't matter i have istablished that the hardware is not the issue.
i am thinking maybe dns or something, virus or worm taking out my dns. occaionally i will get a site but it is rare and doesn't last long. again i have private i.p. , mask, gateway, dns all configured correctly and they are always with me.

p4 2.4 512ram


great question! yes i did less than a week old which helps rule out the virus or worm thing because i didn't even get a chance to pick one up it seems. any ideas? and sorry i should have included that new install of XP thing in my thread.

thanks so much for any ideas



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i ran into something similar with XP. some usernames would get internet some wouldn't yet all would have the same ip address and settings. Turns out it was spyware causing the problem. It wasn't my pc so i didnt feel like removing all the spyware so i took eveyrthing out of startup (all the spyware) and that solved it.

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