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First time putting together a computer,do I just let Xp install everything or need to install the drivers for the motherbroad first or after ?I have a Gigabyte Ga 8irxp ,but no install CD,there are so many different drivers from the gigabyte website, which one will i need to install,and in what orders?any other suggestions are welcome.Thanks

Shamus MacNoob

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Put it together

And after that update all your drivers ....without the os in place you will have a harder time trying to do much of anything ..set up your system be sure to take your time and double check your work.... after its booted up and you have an internet connection then you need to get all the driver updates possible ....and of course all the updates from windows updates ..... with gigabyte you will find its nice to use easy tune4 and the live bios update if thats available for your board .......;)
After you have taken your time doing what Kermit said go here http://tw.giga-byte.com/support/support.htm and download your drivers from the mother board drivers tab then just use the drop down menus provided to find your motherboard(which is listed i checked)and do what it says....it is fairly straight forward,then as long as you can get online you can always ask for advice on here:p


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okay, after it's all put together, the first thing you need to do is install xp. then install drivers and everything. drivers can't be installed without an operating system in place.
Really:D you learn something everyday in here:p

You can try to put drivers in before operating system...but i bet my wife you wont get them to work.

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err if your gonna be trading your wife go to the trading post forum its in the wrong section. lol


Thx everyone I got it going now!

But the boot drv is on Ide1<ata100> try to switch to Ide3<ata133>window do not boot<the drv supports ata133>,something about installing a driver first,but I dont want to reinstall window.any ideas?

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