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New Toy - Buffalo Terastation


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Nah - a lot of the features are ones I need and will plan on using. I have seen it live, as we had the TB model where I used to work.


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Fun toys.

Aprils Uncle is loaded and was asking about "the best of the best" computers for home. 4X 600Gb Maxtor HDD's 1.2Tb RAID0.

Storage space gives me wood.


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Storage space gives me wood as well, and 1.6TB is too much.

I know some people say this is overkill, but there are a lot of features I was looking for, which this unit has.

I want FTP access, Easy Backup, Hot-Swapability, Network Access (duh), and RAID. A few other cool things about this is that the external USB devices can be added to the RAID. Also, if the drives are replaced (opening the device), your warrantee is not voided.

Overkill, maybe, but I need and will use all the features. My home environment driven by my consulting is growing fast, and I need to be able to keep up :)

Granted, I'm early in the purchase process. I'm trying to find a great deal, and may find a lower priced alternative, but this is the device I am leaning towards.


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I may end up going for the 1TB model instead. I believe, and am still comparing, it's only about 90 bucks more.

While it's mucho cash, that's a good upgrade.


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I got a question... why cant you just build a computer system for this purpose. Buy some low-end but high quality components and build it yourself.
Seems like it would be more cost effective. Use debian or something for your OS and you will save money.

I am gonna do some research and see what the costs would be....

its still cool though :)


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Ok, well I am not trying to convince you any which way.. this was simply for my own amusement (and I am quite bored atm) I threw together this list of parts from newegg (not always the cheapest either) to build a very similar system to do the very same purpose.



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GM - I may just do that :)

Aprox -

No worries, you won't convince me. When my mind is made up, or even close to it, I'm as stubborn as a mule :p

I do hear what you are saying, but this purchase is for a very specific purpose. I want the NAS for simply that, NAS. I don't want it to be more featured than it has to be. And, as an FYI, it can run Linux :)

And, your quote is more expensive than this bad boy. I have found the 1TB for about 740 and the 0.6TB for about 660 USD both with free shipping.


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Well I hope it works out for you, as I was making that list it occured to me that you will also be getting tech support, and system wide warranty and other perks to further justify the money. And the fact that its cheaper makes it better yet :)

Just make sure you get back to us on how much it kicks ass :D


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Steevo said:
May I back up my 300+GB to it sir?

I too have a failure waiting to happen.
Sure, for the right cost :smoker:

Aprox - I'll try to do a review. Might not get it for around a month though, waiting on my tax return :cool:

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