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Well i finally got my parts for my 64bit rig but it wont post. I turn it on and everything spins up and all that but it doesnt post. The monitor doesnt turn on,no beep, nothing. I tried clearing the cmos but that didnt work,tried removing each hardware one by one but didnt help. I have this usb card that has lights on it and tells u what is happening by the way the lights are on it and it says four red lights means that cpu is in wrong or damaged. The cpu is in right so how can this be? Is there something i am missing? Sorry for any spelling errors i have to hurry and send a essay to my english teacher by midnight.


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u talking about the 12v one? cause no i didnt cause i never had to before and didnt think i had too

edit: now that i remember...when i was reading the mobo manual it said something about the 12v and it powering the cpu but didnt know it was need cause i have seen it on other boards and it was never plugged in. :devious:


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Yeah, What Zombie said. No board that has the 4 pin connector will post if it's not plugged in. Good news it didn't damage my MB/CPU when I screwed up and left the 4 pin off.

Plug it in and it should be fine. If your PS doesn't have a 4 pin connector they sell molex to square connector jumper cables for a few bucks.

And get that essay done!


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Well you were right :)...i removed the heat sink twice to make sure the chip was installed before i posted :(. Should of posted first but i checked the temps after running for 30 min and there its 98 degrees :). Shouldnt it be higher? My 2400 ran at 140ish. Doesnt it need to be broken in untill it starts to get to normal temps or is 98 around the right temp?

Thanks for the help i was gonna snap in a few min if i didnt get it. Rep++++++

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