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New PSP User


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So I just picked up a PSP 3000.

I got the Rachet & Clank Package, that comes with that game, 1GB stick, National Treasure, and 1 download of a game, plus I also picked up

God Of War: Chain Of Olympus
[FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords[/SIZE][/FONT]

Since I heard they were all good PSP Games. Got a good deal on all of that.

My questions are

1. What games do you recommend?

2. What hacks do you recommend, and where can I find these?


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Hacks > LINK

you have to get Patapon for sure :)

he is a list of games I own

Wipeout Pulse & Pure
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Burnout Legends
SOCOM: both titles
Killzone: Liberation
GTA titles
Metal Gear Acid
Hot Shots golf


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I forgot I also got the SOCOM game, i forget which one.

I might pick up the GTA game and Burnout, thanks.


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Quick question,

If I pay and download games from the Store onto my stick of RAM. Can I re-download those another time, maybe on another stick of ram, or whatever?


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If you lose it or have any other problems it will be stored in the View Downloads screen at the Playstation store and can be downloaded again


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Thanks, can you get refunds if needed? I assume not but checking.

So I have been googling and searching around for how to hack the psp 3000, as far as I can tell you can't, the custom batteries dont work, nothing at all. I am sad.

My current collection


SOCOM Tactical Strike
Ratchet & Clank Size Matters
National Treasure 2
Puzzle Quest

Downloaded on Playstation Store

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